Say ‘Fries’ at The J Cafe

Are you a great fries fan? Then, have a look at my review of The J, Dadar Shivaji Park on @Zomato!

The place is over hyped. Although the fries ordered comes in very attractive way as you can see from the picture attached. The place is cozy and small, maybe at times of more customers you would have to stand and eat. It shares the space with Minus 301 degrees so you have the option of eating ice cream or shakes after a bunch of fries munching. Other than the main menu of variety of potato and chicken fries, the fries are sold with various add ons and your choice of toppings of sauces(see menu for more details).You can spend about 100-160 bucks max.

My orders-

Chicken Burrito Fries

Price Rs 160/-

Recommended for those who are die hard fan of fries and highly recommended for those who are a great junkie.

Pizza Fries

Price Rs 120/-

It is a good option for vegetarians. why it is pizza fries because of the sauces they serve in this for the toppings. There is this pizza sauce which gives you pizza like binge in the fries.

The J is fun to go with the groupie. From basics to exotics, you can have extreme fries indulgement at the place.


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