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Review- Marutirao Misalwale, Lower Parel

Have a look at this review of Marutirao Misalwale, Lower Parel on @Zomato!

A one stop place to try all varieties in Misal. Misal served are authentic, little spicy and tender in taste. If you are a true Misal fan, then this Marutirao Misalwale from Ahmadnagnar must be your first preference in Mumbai. And you can also go for seasonal Aamras Puri from here. Ambience is clean and hygienic. Service is quick.

My orders-

1) Misal Pav— Spicy and delicious

Cost- Rs 70/- + tax

2) Aamras Puri-– Sweet and soft

Cost- Rs 120/- + tax

Go give a try to unleash the best ever and spicy misal. Recommended!

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