Pan-Asian Cuisine Experience at ‘And Chillies’

And Chillis is a boutique for Asian cuisine lovers in Mumbai that currently runs in two locations- one in Mahim with bigger space & the other in Worli with only 4 table-seatings.  Here, I am writing about this hidden gem tucked on the busy street of Worli near Kamala Mills. This tiny place is a treasure to go for savouring lip smacking Asian food glutton.

Of having the chance to dine in at And Chillies is the race to win from others in the queue waiting to win the same. But believe me, the wait in the queue is worth to stand for.

The staff & hospitality is very impressive with quick service altogether. The menu is huge serving a good variety of soups, Entrees/appetizers, rice & noodles and even desserts. Their dessert ‘Darsaan’ is very famous which is made of fried noodles served with honey & vanilla ice cream on top giving you crunchy sweetness.


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My orders:

(1) Soup: Tangy Chilly

The finely chopped veggies cooked with garlic celery broth, chilly oil & rice vinegar had the right consistency of veggies & spices. Experienced its deliciousness in every spoon.

Tangy Chilly Soup

(2) Appetizer: Shanghai Crispy Wonton

This one just took my heart away. Very nicely dipped wonton into chilly gravy is the meal to die for.

Shanghai Crispy Wonton & Chilly Paneer

(3) Appetizer: Chilly Paneer

This was not in the menu but we ordered it since I was accompanied with my paneer lover fellow mates(no offence) 😜

(4) Entree/Appetizer: Burnt Chilly

This is completely Chinese style dark sauce cooked with babycorn, onion & bell peppers. You can have it with rice or noodles. It tastes even more yummy when eaten hot.

Burnt Chilly & Garlic Steamed Rice

(5) Rice: Steamed Garlic Rice

This is simple garlic rice steamed with veggies. I had it with my burnt chilly entree  that added more deliciousness.

(6) Noodles: Chilly Garlic Noodle

Sauted in chilly garlic gravy alongwith some veggies, it tastes different and delectable.

I left the place sated. I think I’ll not get tired of given chance of eating over here again and again. The very aroma & spices of every bite will remain fresh as when you’ll think of And Chillies like I’m feeling right now while writing this.😋

Chilly Garlic Noodles

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