Five Best Waffle Treats at The Belgian Waffle Co

I had always been wanted to post a blog on The Belgian Waffle Co since they serve the best waffles in Mumbai. So, I thought why not review its various flavours in waffles that they offer and rate them accordingly for the readers like you to follow. With the USP of freshness, reasonable prices and prompt service, this waffle speciality place manages to attract many foodies from the town. Almost every year, they come up with new flavours in their menu to blow out every foodie’s minds like they do it to me every time. All the outlets are small, cosy and have limited seating arrangements. Currently, they have opened 26 outlets in the city (as of 2017) and aim to expand more to give an amazing waffle treats throughout.

1- Wall
Look at the wall inside.. Such inspiration while you gorge on your favourite waffles

Following are my personal favourites five best rank wise waffle flavours of The Belgian Waffle Co which I’ve had till now-

1. Naked Nutella- Naked Nutella is an all-time favourite and the bestselling waffle flavour of this outlet. It is the basic waffle that has Nutella inside which is enough to satisfy the Nutella cravings.

2- Naked Nutella
Naked Nutella

2. Belgian Chocolate- You can assume you are having the melted chocolate in the freshly baked hot waffle that has got sweet chocolate inside. It tastes truly amazing and delicious.

3- Belgian Waffle
Belgian Chocolate

3. Chocolate Overload- It is the overdose of dark chocolate in the waffles. It is recommended for those who are die hard fans of chocolates born with the sweet tooth.

4- Dark Cocolate Overload
Chocolate Overload

4. Red Velvet- It is the basic Red Velvet flavour in waffles. Its creamy and sweet giving you the red velvet flavour altogether. Recommended for those who love Red Velvet.

6- Red Velvet
Red Velvet

5. Dark & White Fantasy- These are the dark and white chocolate overdose in the waffles. Its creamy, sweet and milky with a basic crunchiness flavour that’ll give you a wholesome of white chocolate treatment in waffles.

5- White Chocolate Overload
Dark and White Fantasy

The Belgian Waffle Co took my heart for the very first time I had my Belgian Chocolate waffle at its outlet in Carter Road. They have tried to explore into different flavours to tune into everyone’s tastes and preferences like from the very basic to something exotic. And I think that they are doing their best jobs in this by not disappointing instead coming up with innovative introductions every time.

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