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Brownies & Pastries from Theobroma

Hi guys, have a look at this review of Theobroma, Lower Parel on @Zomato!

I think theobroma has grown so much in the city of Mumbai that every mumbaikar would love to go there again and again. From the interiors to the ambience, from the taste to the tenderness especially its pastries and brownies, theobroma can be rated as best of all. With the view of greenish white background, one can enjoy their hunger pangs inside.

My order:

1) Chocolate walnut brownie- Awesome

2) New york style cheese- Yum

3) Chocolate millionaire- Amaaazing

4) Blueberry cheese- Perfect

My indulgence with desserts in theobroma has been amazing. Have to try burgers here until next time. But the desserts like cheesecakes, brownies, cupcakes etc are to die for. A big thumbs up for the place.

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