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Its logo resembles its meaning- Blue Tokai means ‘the tail of a peacock’ #creative

About Blue Tokai

Named after a South Indian term- Tokai, meaning the tail of a peacock. This coffee start-up has been initiated by Delhi based couple who are the coffee hobbyists. Blue Tokai is the coffee roaster company that roast coffee twice a week (on Sundays and Wednesdays) and ships out immediately to ensure freshness to their customers. Launched with the objective of building healthy relationship with their coffee farm estates that grow coffee they love to roast; Blue Tokai aims at popularising these coffee plantations to vast majority of Indians. They aim to broaden this initiative by not importing the Indian coffee that had been roasted abroad; instead they get coffee directly from the farm and deliver it to their customers.

At Blue Tokai, the customers can choose coffee from the available farms for roasting which is scheduled twice a week as per their order and can fancy popping along the roasting process. In the outlets, the customers can choose their favourite farm’s coffee for brewing, henceforth giving them an altogether purest coffee savoury.

2- Entrance
How pretty and cosy its entrance looks!!

About the outlet-

It’s a big-time coffee fan place; a must visit place for all the coffee lovers. Though with the limited range of food items, they manage to blow out mind by serving the best coffees in India. All the outlets are cosy, little and quaint with an average of 20 seating arrangements. Till now, it has presence in Delhi and Mumbai. In this blog, I am writing about my coffee sipping experience at its outlet located in Pali Hill, Bandra, Mumbai.


The coffees served here are well roasted and perfectly blended; basically, strong coffee and subtle flavours. The food menu is tiny that includes croissant, bagels, danish and cruffins.  But if you’re looking for the coffee menu, there is not just one but two coffee menu- one for hot brews and the other for cold brews. In their hot brews menu, they have regular expresso shots, cappuccino, mocha, Americano, Cortado and Flat whites with double expresso shots. In their cold brews, they have iced latte, iced mocha, iced expresso, affogato, nitro coffee and many more.

Apart from food and beverages, they also sell handcrafted raw and organic dark chocolates made from South Indian cacao which are listed in their menu cards. They have partnered with Mason & Co and Earthloaf for selling out these chocolate bars to the customers.

My Orders-

Hot Brews:

We wanted to try out their different Mocha flavours that had melted Mason & Co chocolate, double expresso shots and steamed milk.

  1. Coconut Mocha– Made with Mason & Co’s coconut milk dark chocolate, this mocha had strong coffee mixed flavours of coconut along with.

    3- Coconut Mocha
    Coconut Mocha
  2. Peppermint Mocha– This had peppermint dark chocolate nibs of Mason & Co which perfectly gave the minty taste with strong coffee flavour.

    4- Peppermint Mocha
    Peppermint Mocha
  3. Chilli Cinnamon Mocha– Made with Chilli Cinnamon dark chocolate of Mason & Co had the strong and subtle taste of coffee with some cinnamon chilli flavour.

    5- Chilli Cinnamon Mocha
    Chilli Cinnamon Mocha

Cold Brews:

  1. Cold Brew: This is like the cold coffee with no milk at all. Served with ice and some sugar syrup to adjust in your taste buds. This drink will give you no acidity and a smooth body at the same time.

    6- Cold Brew & Nitro Coffee
    Cold Brew in back & Nitro Coffee in front
  2. Nitro Coffee: A must try coffee, this is the nitrogen infused drink that taste creamy and strong just like a beer.


  1. Almond Croissant: This is the best croissant I’ve ever had in my life. Very buttery, soft, sweet with amazing sugary fillings and sprinkled with almonds on top. Just loved it!

    8- Almond Croissant
    Almond Croissant
  2. New York style Bagel: These are soft and chewy bagels served with sesame with crunchier crust. Yum

    9- New York Style Bagel
    New York Style Bagel
  3. Soft Bagel: It is the basic bagel served with sesame; these are soft, not so chewy bagels with a crunch.

    10- Soft Bagel
    Soft Bagel
7- The table
The Table

It indeed was my first enriching coffee experience at Blue Tokai which eventually changed my complete outlook to the world of coffee. I could tell you more about the flavours of Blue Tokai; but now with more outlets opening up in the city, I would want you to go and savour this delightful and different brewery experience and judge for yourself. Have a good day.

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