Are you ‘Mad Over Donuts’?

Have a look at my review on Mad over Donuts

Mad Over Donuts is just HEAVEN for me because of the sweet tooth that I’ve got. They have three major segment boxes to serve you into that are- Classic, Assorted and Signature boxes. The donuts are fine and yummy but my personal favourite from here is ‘DOUBLE TROUBLE’ mainly because of the chocolate lava that peeps out within while having its bites. Also I like to have this double trouble hot so I microwave it before having it. Recently, we ordered their 4 assorted boxes that included our kinda basic favourites-

1) Double Trouble– Why I love it.. have already mentioned it above.
2) Divine Crush– This donut is full topped with gems, sweetly baked and layered with milk chocolate cream giving it all the divine looke. Yummy
3) Chocolate Therapy– All the chocolate lovers will love it!! It is layered with milk chocolate and dark chocolate creams giving it the whole chocolate therapy that one must be looking for..
4) Dark Knight– As the name suggests, this donut is for the dark chocolate lovers..
5) Chocolate Decadence– This is my second most favourite donut from here. It is as yummy as it looks!
6) Choco Bomb– Again, this one is layered with chocolate cream atop of it and loaded with little chocolate pieces. This one is for chocolate lovers…

Assorted Boxes
Yummy pieces- Assorted boxes of heaven all the way from Mad Over Donuts’ 
Yesss… I’m gonna have it all #yumyum..
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