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Have a look at my food review on ‘Popular Sandwiches and more-Lower Parel

Opposite to Deepak Cinema, it is the ‘Popular Sandwiches and more’ as the name calls for in and around in the area. As the name suggests, the place is a hub for sandwich varieties. But sandwiches are not the only option that you’ll get here, there are vast varieties in Pizzas, burgers, Maggi, Milkshakes and Juices too. Their menu also includes Pav Bhaji in cheese and without cheese, ice creams, Garlic Bread and sometimes Caramel Custard. Their Cheese Chocolate Sandwich has become quite popular amongst people who visit here quite often like me. Prices are inexpensive and reasonable so you can divulge yourself into their quick hot serves within few minutes. Though the place has got limited seating arrangement, it serves perfectly delicious eateries in reasonable prices. I have been a regular eater over here and especially I have eaten ‘Cheese Chocolate Sandwich’ quite many a times. This review is collectively based on my more than two times eating experiences over here. My orders have been-

1) Cheese Chocolate Sandwich- 

Price Rs 90/-

It tastes the best when eaten hot, so don’t miss out on eating it right away when its served.

4- Cheese Chocolate Sandwich
Cheese Chocolate Sandwich

2) Pav Bhaji-

Price approx Rs 50-60

The finely chopped bhaji is very yummy and perfectly cooked. It tastes delicious with butter tossed little Pavs(buns)

2- Pav Bhaji
Pav Bhaji

3) Schezwan Maggi-

Price approx Rs 50-60

This is my second most favourite bite from here. It is spicy, delectable and tangy at the same time.

3- Schezwan Maggi
Schezwan Maggi attacked before even I could take a perfect picture

4) Veg Grilled Sandwich-

Price approx Rs 50-60

Since the place has been started with all its sandwich varieties, Veg grilled sandwich is a pride that the place can hold. It is yummy and delicious, no doubt at all.

5) Veggie Delight Pizza-

Price approx Rs 100

This pizza is full of veggie like tomato, capsicum and onion. It is served fresh and warm that subsequently gives the yummier taste.

1- Veggie Delight Pizza
Veggie Delight Pizza

6) Cheese Garlic Bread-

Their cheese garlic bread is just awesome. No words to define what it tastes like. One should definitely try out their cheese garlic bread here. Mreover you just spend Rs 100 bucks for having deliciously prepared cheese garlic bread. Worth a penny spent. Highly recommended for this one.

7- Cheese Garlic Pizza
That pull from ‘Cheese Garlic Bread’

Although my orders listed above are few that I have been eating from this place (certainly because I have almost listed items from each of the category) but I think my review based on my orders above would be sufficient enough for the readers here.

Please don’t go for ambience as the place is small with minimum seating but the savoury is worth a try!


6- Us
And we had super fun!
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