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Review: Punjabi Dhaba, Prabhadevi

Satiate your hunger meal by having this home delivered Punjabi delish in Prabhadevi!

Review: Punjabi Dhaba, Prabhadevi

Here’s my review of Punjabi Dhaba, Prabhadevi on @Zomato!

For a Punjabi food savouring in Prabhadevi, you can have a quick meal from here. They serve in combo meals for you to have your lunch and dinner scenes be it at home and casual dining here. Having a North indian taste, you will apparently like the place . Price is reasonable and taste is goo with limited quantity though.

My order: Had the combo meal delivered to my place in Prabhadevi. It was Butter chicken with two parathas. And cost was approx 130 Rs. Chicken was fine although i could hardly find any good chunk of chickem piece. But in the affordable pricing, the meal was worthy and fine.

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