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Its been more than three times that I have been ordering food from this place simultaneously. Its maybe like the pure home food they serve plus the taste is ligit too. Its just authentic and delicious at the same time. Dailycacy has now become one of my favourite home-based delivery places. Everything is a super A- price, quality, quantity, and what not. My orders have been-

1) Aloo Pyaz Paratha- Super filling and tasty just like ‘ghar ka khana’

2) Dal Khichdi- A little bit spicy and taste is good too.

3) Chole Puri- Just like I said, as if the chole and puri were made purely with love and taste.

4) Bun maska and Chai– Had a great disappointment with this one, because I ordered this on a rainy day and it failed. The packaging was not properly done and so the tea was split all over.

5) Ajwaine Paratha with aloo sabji- Its a full complete meal for one. Basic

Otherwise the food is all good, if I’ll ignore my chai order. Its more likeable for the person like me or someone who is not staying with their families and living alone, these places are for these people who would want to go for purely ghar ka khana plus at a reasonable cost.

Recommended without any doubt!

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