Yummy food from Bikanervala, Rajouri Garden

Bikanervala is our all time favourite place. From rajasthani to basic north and south indian meals, I just drool over the authentic indian menu whenever I visit this heaven. My favourites from here have been Raj kachori, Pani Puri and whole lot of sweets.

My orders-

1) Pani Puri- Its just too delicious. Served with aloo fillings, two types of Pani and 5 puris. Lavishly yummy.

2) Idli Sambhar Chutney- Served with coconut and green chutneys, 4 idlis and sambhar. Taste is good.

3) Kulhad Chai – The kulhad chai when served hot is amazing after a good meal from here.

Highly and always recommended. Legacy has been carried. The place is opening wide up across India. One must definitely try from this lavish place. Its a favourite in and around delhi.Have a look at my review of Bikanervala, Rajouri Garden on @Zomato! http://zoma.to/review/37854593

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10 Thoughts to “Yummy food from Bikanervala, Rajouri Garden”

  1. Idli Sambhar Chutney – My all time favorite 🙂

    1. Yeah its yummy

  2. very nice post , are you writing posts for @Zomato

    1. I write reviews in zomato..

      1. how did you are getting reviews from them?

      2. Hi, I write and review through zomato app for the restaurants which I explore

      3. However, if u have had have many more questions, I would be happy to answer your queries altogether. Mail me at hoppingandhogging@gmail.com

  3. ok, i have given u so many likes for ur every post in zomato plz see there.

    1. Oh.. thankyou so much for that. keep loving😊

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