Reasonable Mughlai food from Ratna Palace, Matunga

Here’s my review of Ratna Palace, Matunga West on @Zomato! wanting to eat a Chicken Biryani one day landed me to the profile of Ratna Palace in zomato. My objective was to spend less and eat good and home delivery. So eventually happened to try Ratna Palace. Lets talk about my experience with it-

🔹Food– Had chicken biryani ordered at my place . The quantity was good and sufficient. The parcel had biryani, curry and onion salad; and fortunately it did satisfied my cravings for a while. If i compare and talk about the taste, then it just lacked that excellence. But fine for the price I paid- not too bad and not too good.

🔹Price– Its reasonable one. As said, one can opt for a low budget meal from here.

🔹Service– Service was quick and on time; in full.

Thanks, Happy eating! 🙂

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  1. Thank you author. Keep it up.

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