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Get that different burst of fusion flavours and fun in your mouth with Dhadoom. Its Chef Harpal Sokhi’s curated set of menu all around international street food market like burgers, fries & sandwiches from US, poutines from Canada, nachos from Mexico, pizzas from Italy, noodles and rice from China. Believe me, the place is amazing. You get to feel that fresh, colorful ambience as you are inside. The place has got very new things to try to as there are so many new and attractive options in their menu that you should go for it. I had a fabulous experience eating and chilling there. So many options to try to but I was able to try some of the best. Dhadoom simply means the burst of different flavours in your mouth; hence you ought savour so many different flavours there that actually you’ll feel dhadoom in your mouth.

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My take on Dhadoom Flavours:

(1) Mexican Kheema Saucy Fries:

The kheema in the fries were too filling. For me it was like a whole meal to me . Anyways, it was good and tummy filling with sufficient quantity.

(2) Har Pal Butter Chicken Fries:

This one’s was amazing, had chunks of butter chicken saucy package with the fries. Worth trying by non-veggies.

(3) Happy Fried Burger:

This one’s the chicken fried burger topped with veggies, mayo sauce and jalapeno.

(4) Pink Sauce Pasta:

A new one to the menu. I didn’t really liked it as it was okayish. The pasta was not boiled properly. I think the place is more of fries, burgers and sandwiches; I’ll give these a go.

(5) Spicy Guava:

All these meals has to be accompanied with some chatpat spicy thing, hence this spicy guava soda to it was an ear opener. LOL

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(6) Paan Shake : A sweet paan flavoured shake drink was the rescue. It was served chilled and was soothing to tongue.

(7) Crispy Spicy Chicken Sandwich : This chicken sandwich was too good and tummy filling. It was richly inflicted with chicken, egg, sauces and a whole lot of banana chips.

(8) Chilly Chicken Momos:

It was okayish. I liked it maybe because we all ate it one-one when it was hot. But will give it a drop while others are absolutely drooling.

(9) Marathi Thessa:

Oh this is absolutely drooling option to go for. All the vegetarians, this is a shoutout that you should definitely try this one. A completely new thing in fries giving it a spicy authentic Maharashtrian thetcha chutney mix. Loved it.

(10) Oreo Pakoda:

Oh my God! This one just took my heart away. The hot fried oreo fritters served with icy cold vanilla ice cream was too good combination. Its new and one should definitely go give it a try.

The place is amazing and worth many visits for drooling fast food. Hence, one who’s got bored of McDonalds/KFC or any of the old outlets, then this place is worth the visit. I am not kidding, Go give a it the hit.

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