Aroma’s cafe in Kandivali is the new outlet added to the chain, this one is a pure veg cafe. Located in Mahavir nagar, kandivali it is beautifully lit up alongwith the other outlets nearby.

Photo coffee or fotokoffi (as they call it) is the latest addition to their menu.

🔆Food : They serve American and Italian cuisines alongwith different and unique fresh beverages to try out. Beverage menu is vast and different from other outlets, you should definitely try out some.

🔆Ambiance- The place is brightly lit with hanging chairs, AROMA shaped seating and vibrant wall graffitis. The ambiance is chill and cool place to hang out. Kandivallians should definitely go out and spend chill time here.

🔆Service- The staff is very friendly and hospitable. They tend to serve you quick and respond you politely.

🔆Price- The price is appropriate as per the quantity and quality they serve.

With all the above feedback, I had an amazing experience eating some of their best options and sipping some of their unique beverages.

🔹Non Alcoholic Beer- This one’s for teetotalers as they say it. Its a soda based frizzer that will refresh you with its coolness.

🔸Basil Shake- Its banana and basil shake. Its healthy and tummy filling.

🔹French Vanilla- Its their signature french vanilla hot beverage that’s surely gonna warm your heart.

🔸Tropical Coco- The name suggest coconut water. Hence its a healthy smoothie of coco water, mango, spinach and banana.

🔹Potato Cheddar Slider- Its between the buns, potato pattice with cheddar cheese and veggies.

🔸Dal Khichdi Arancini- Deep fried spicy dal khichdi anarcini ball served hot with green mayo chutney tasted lavish.

🔹Creole Potatoes- I loved this spicy and crispy creole spices mixed crispy baby potatoes.

🔸Spicy bbq Paneer Pizza- It was the spicy bbq paneer pizza but still would go well with tomato sauce.

🔹Puttanesca Pizza- This pizza is made of puttanesca sauce; simply loved this one.

🔸Roasted Garlic & Mushroom Risotto- It was too garlicy for me.

🔹Tomato & Cream Cheese Risotto- Again, this was also okayish. I think aroma’s needs to improve on their risottos.

🔸Homemade Dessert Tootsee– It was the different dessert that I ever had. Served with cream, crispy toasts topped with chocolate sauce tasted too well.

Here’s my review of Aroma’s Cafe & Bistro, Kandivali West on @Zomato!

I had altogether different experience here considering the bright ambiance, vegetarian american and italian food, healthy beverages, refreshing coolers etc. My overall rating is 4 not 5 because Italian food still needs improvement but the beverages, some quick bites and homemade tootsie are the must to go for.