Ovenstory is a story of yummy pizza savoury delivered right at your own place. Its a delivery baded pizza outlet spread widely across the city. It boasts of pizzas with incredible cheese bases- Peri peri, chipotle, el classico and pepper cheese bases.

I had ordered for a ‘Maharaja Veg Pizza’ for a dinner scene. Its good enough to serve 1-2 people. The full oven baked story came in this full veg loaded big pizza which tasted absolutely yummy and worthy. It had paneer, tomato, capsicum, olives and spread pf cheese all over.

Price– Price is just fine.

Quality– Talking about the quality, it is good to go. Atleast if you’re tired of eating pizza from the same brand then this can be a good option to go for at your locality.

Quantity– Quantity is enoungh for a pizza to serve atleast 2 people.

Service– The staff is super proactive for the delivery. My experience regarding was great as I was informed about what exact time of delivery and all that stuff.

I am giving a thumbs up for this place. Its worth spending and nice.

Here’s my review of Ovenstory Pizza, Kopar Khairane on @Zomato! http://zoma.to/review/40315268

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