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The Butter Kitchen, Powai

The Butter Kitchen in Powai is all about buttery, creamy and many such delish varieties across India that their menu serves. Indian cuisines are lavish and hence that’s what exactly ‘The Butter Kitchen’ is serving to this theme. Their food is awesome and so is the ambiance. I would certainly say that the place is worth visiting many times especially for the food.

Its menu is Indian based- from North to South and West. Delhi style chicken curry and North Indian Dal Makhani, Rajasthan’s authentic Lal Maas and Gatte ki Sabji, Mangalorean Gassi, Goan veg & non veg mains, Malvani fish and prawns are some that I could list down here for you to give an idea.

I was extremely overwhelmed with the delicious food that I got my tastes on.

Started with the ‘Soup’ called ‘Murg Chaas ka Shorba’.Chaas Murgh Shorba

From the appetizers, I had-

🔹Jaipuri kurkuri bhindi

Jaipuri kurkuri bhindi

🔸Angarey Chicken tikka- This had perfect yogurt marination and yummy to munch on.Angarey Chicken Tikka

🔹Kodu Vepudu- chicken diced with bell peppers, curry leaves & indian spices.Kodu Vepudu


Butter Kitchen Dal- This was Dal makhani, Mangalorean Gassi- Made with cocunut gravy, Awadhi Chicken Handi- This Awadhi authentic is the best. Truely loved this with my Butter Naan.

My main course was awesome so was my dessert. I would highly recommend to go for ‘Shahi Paan’ ice cream. Its the amazing paan ice cream that you’ll ever have. Rabdi Jalebi is also delicious.Shahi Paan Ice Cream

Rabdi Jalebi

Here’s my review of The Butter Kitchen, Powai on @Zomato!

Its the best fine dine-in restaurant in Powai. It has the best Indian food plus they serve bar, hence a win- win place to spend quality time with family-friends alongside delicious food.

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