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HumTea DumTea

A reasonble chai-time pit stop bang oppsite to Indiabulls and all other corporates, who just wanna hangout for tea with their friends/colleagues in between work hours, then head to ‘HumTea DumTea’. It has everything in quick meals for you to savour along with your tea for you to stop by and chillax for a small time. Bombay, the city that offers street food in buns as pavs, hence thats what this small place has come up with keeping in view the hygienic point to service better off than the street food joints.

Specialised in tea, they have many Indian flavours to provide and I had my favourite Ginger tea first and then Kesar Tea while my friend sipped Masala tea.

Here’s my review of HumTea DumTea, Dadar West on @Zomato!

While sipping down tea, I munched on Bun maska chutney cheese, Bombay Masala Sandwich, Schezwan Maggi and Paratha with Makhani Dal. The lot was delicious but honestly I didn’t like the sandwich.

What I liked about here was the tea and that too they serve in authentic purvas (earthen clay glass).

Recommended for tea and buns.


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