A Vanilla Bean – Cookies, Cakes, Brownies & More

Got invited by ‘A Vanilla Bean’ at ‘Longchamp Million Race’ at Mahalaxmi Race course for the derby to witness their awesome hospitality that they rendered services to all the guests out there. And through this derby day, I realised how fantastic this brand is. A vanilla bean, offers customised, specialised bakeries and cakes, all done to suit your preferences and likes. The derby day, went special and I did munch all their delicious offerings heavily at the event without a single guilt. The event served me pleasure day all because of the beautiful food that I got my mouth full of.


Here’s my review of A Vanilla Bean, Carter Road, Bandra West on @Zomato! http://zoma.to/review/41734998

Cookies & Brownie

Here are the pictures attached of the same; I hope that would certainly list down what I really want to showcase the delicious and amazing bakeries that ‘A Vanilla Bean’ offers.

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