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Dinner Scene: Biryani Express & Gourmet Hong Kong, Mumbai

Currently situated only in 2 locations in Mumbai i.e Prabhadevi & Santa Cruz, Biryani Express and Gourmet Hong Kong delivers delicious food all to your doorstep in the vicinity of these locations. Where the former delivers amazing biryanis and some North Indian appetizers while the latter serves delicious Chinese food like DIY Noodle & Rice Bowls and Chinese appetizers.

My dinner scene was acquainted with these brands few days back and I had-

Biryani Express

🔸Chicken Tandoori

🔸Mutton Hyderabadi Biryani

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Gourmet Hong Kong

🔹Chicken Gourmet Hong Kong Special

🔹VEG Flat Noodles in Teriyaki sauce with Onion, Pepper mix & Carrot

Read: Here’s my review of Gourmet Hong Kong, Prabhadevi on @Zomato!

Delivery was made on time and the packaging was good too. All of these were yummy, delicious and tummy filling. I enjoyed every bite of it. Cost spent is minimal and worthy, hence the experience was good.

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