Asian Food Lovers go to Kuai Kitchen,Colaba

Kuai Kitchen– Its a cute little beautiful place right at the busy and famous shopping street, Colaba causeway. The bright interiors, vibrant lights, chinese and panda graffitis on the walls sum up the whole little place very warm and attractive. I was literally brightened up with the ambiance the moment I entered the place. As the name suggests, it is an Asian cuisine restaurant. The service is too quick and moreover, I found the staff very friendly and educated. I had a delish food eating experience there, and so far the place has topped my list for the Asian food in Mumbai. Dimsums were too good to go for. My friend had altogether amazing experience as she was busy drinking more glasses of ‘Panda Passion’ – their best mocktail made of ginger and lime soda.

Menu options- Dimsum, Appetizers, Sushi, Main course available in Veg, chicken and sea food (fish/prawn) options.Here’s the details on what all I had my chopsticks on –

(1) Panda Passion- Their best signature drink to go for alongwith your asian meals.

(2) Wild mushroom Dumplings- The soft and tender mushroom dumplings were damn yummy.

(3) Spicy Chicken Dumplings- Being a non veggie, I just loved this spicy chicken dumplings served in mini dimsum basket.

(4) Veg Manchurian Bao – No words to define this one. The best and delicious bao I ever had. This has crispy filling inside with healthy veggies in the bao which was tasting too yum.

(5) Fried Spring Roll- I didn’t like this appetizer. I think why beacuse we indian normally have that taste of noodles filling inside the spring roll but this didnt had the noodles; I don’t know what were the fillings.

(6) Kuai Special Mixed Vegetables Soya Chilly Garlic Sauce with Steamed Rice- It is an amazing combo where the sauce is extremely stocked up with different veggies, soya, chillies and goes well with the plain steam rice.

(7) Kuai Chocolate Panda- Its the best and unique dessert to go for. Steamed bao with chocolate ganache inside tastes yummy. What else do you look for in the dessert?

Here’s my review of Kuai Kitchen, Colaba on @Zomato!

I had a wonderful experience dining there. You go colaba then make sure you do visit this place for eating scenes. I love asian food; they serve amazing chinese, japanese and thai cuisine dishes although linited options but definitely the tastiest ones. I would totally recommend this place; more than that I loved their food.

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    1. hopandhog

      Yes definitely. I hope you’ll like it. Its strategically best located in Mumbai in colaba street and the food they serve are delicious including Panda Passion drink.

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