Dimsums from Dimsum Wala?

A delivery based outlet purely into Dimsums, Bao and Asian meal boxes to what they say ‘bento’ are ‘Dimsum Wala’. They even serve Asian Soupy meals like thukpa, khowsuey and soupy noodles & rice.

From their single sheet menu, you’ll find greater options in dimsums in both veg and non veg options. Well obviously its a ‘Dimsum Wala’.

So without a thought, I ordered for one from veg and the other from non-veg dimsums.

Here’s my review of Dimsum Wala, Lower Parel on @Zomato! http://zoma.to/review/40607481


🥟Spinach & Corn Cheese- I loved it as I could taste the whole perfect blend of spinach, corns and cheese in small steamed balls of dimsums.

🥟Spicy Sambal- This steamed dimsums of chicken pieces made with sambal sauce is the good option if you love spicy food.

Soupy Meals:

🍜Veg Khowsuey- I loved their khowsuey as it was crunchy, tangy and not so spicy. Altogether it was a complete meal of perfect noodles, variety of condiments (coriander, peanuts, garlic, chilly, fried onions & lemon) with delicious soup of coconut milk loaded with handsome veggies. Truely loved this.

At home and longing for delicious dimsums at your doorstep, ‘Dimsum wala’ is the perfect opportunity to grab on from. Currently deliverable only in lower parel and chandivali; assuming if the brand expands further, you should definitely binge on from here to some amazing dimsums and meal boxes if it reaches you nearby.

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  1. kayvishen

    i guaranteed you’ve tasted dumsims which had best taste according to your our knowledge but sooner i taste here, it realises me what real dumsims is!!!

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