Dine-in at Jumjoji – Parsi Diner

Come, lets eat– that’s what one of the staff at Jumjoji told me when I asked him what does ‘Jumjoji’ mean. Though the city owns many reputed and classic Parsi cafes and mini eateries across, this one’s rather a fine dine kind of authentic Parsi restaurant located at JW Marriot Sahar, Andheri.

The classy interiors, Parsi quotes and drawings on the walls, flowers arrangement sums up to a beautiful ambiance resonating to Parsi culture and decor.

Staff is well presentable and well spoken. They are ought to assist you in all their possible ways of hospitality. I liked their friendly attitude.

Price is relativity high. You could spend an estimate of Rs 2000 for 2 people.

The place boasts of many famous Parsi cuisine like Patra ni machii, Berry pulao, kebabs, Dhansak, and some authentic Parsi sweets.


Chicken Dhansak- I totally smacked my lips as I gorged on tender and tasty Chicken Dhansak. The very taste of toor daal and tender chicken in it alongwith crisp sweetness were going too well to bite on.

Slurped down Pudina Lemonade and Spicy Guava mocktails along side with my hearty Parsi dinner.

Mutton Berry Pulao– The berries the pulao and the tender mutton curry were delicious. Though it was sweeter maybe because of the berries but it was worth it.

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No better words to define as to how satiated I felt while gulping down mini gulabjamuns with rabdi at the end of my true instigation to Parsi cuisine at this fine diner.

The food is amazing here. To fine dine and wanting to get your tastes on to authentic Parsi food then Jumjoji is a perfect bliss. Plus they even play live piano to some really great bollywood music every thursday.

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