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Faasos– One of the popular wrap joints now. The brand simplifies fast and convenient way of providing quick food service to the customers by way of wraps generally which is a paratha roll. They offer a vast #signature #wraps and rice feast options to quicky gorge on. Foremost home delivery outlet serves lavish wraps both in veg and non veg. For me to quickly think on something for the food delivery, faasos is always there in my mind. Now talking about their signature wraps, I wanted to try in chicken so I had the following :

🔆Jumbo Chicken Wrap – This one was so awesome. The sauces and the good chunks of chicken pieces were good and delicious. It just sarisfied my cravings at that point of time as it was so yummy.

🔆Chicken Overload- It had chicken meat balls fully loaded with sauces and just onion in veggies. Yes it was a hell lot of overload of chicken. Truely tummilicious.

But I liked Jumbo chicken far better than the chicken overload basically because the former had a mix of chicken with veggies and sauces I think which my tastebuds prefer more but yeah the latter is also good to go; I mean it just deoends on you individually what your tastebuds are like.

Delivery was on time, cost is preferable, both quality and quantity are good too. Hence my overall experience with faasos has always been good. My rating for the same (out of 5) are-

Price : 🌯🌯🌯

Service : 🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯

Quality : 🌯🌯🌯

Quantity : 🌯🌯🌯🌯

Overall Rating- 4/5

Here’s my review of Faasos, Kasarvadavli, Thane West on @Zomato! http://zoma.to/review/39675230

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