“Get Desserted” in GK-1, Delhi

Get Desserted is a complete dessert paradise located at GK 1. The place serves everything in desserts loved by one of us all – Ice creams, shakes, cold coffee, waffles & pancakes.

Get Desserted is a tiny but adorable dessert parlour with lovely teal and white interiors. You’ll find only a few chairs inside but you always have the option to enjoy your desserts on the stairs outside. The outside area’s super pretty too with fairy lights and lots of green {we’re only hoping that they add chairs there, eventually}.


Talking about price which is pretty decent. Average you can spend out here could be 300 bucks.


The lights and the vibrant atmosphere is a plus that you’ll find here. It has both indoor and outdoor seating here. It could be a takeaway too if you are in a hush.

Quality & Quantity

The quality and quantity goes well. The drinks come in attractive glass bottles in decent quantity. A good scoop of an ice cream will cost you about 100-150 bucks which are fine as per the quality, quantity and price.

I had an amazing exposure to my dessert crave just after my lunch scenes.  I had –

Brownie Cold Coffee
get desserted
Brownie Cold Coffee

It was cold and delicious brownie mix cold coffee. Just fine for a refreshing and cool drink to go for here.

Death by Chocolate
get desserted
Death by Chocolate

I had this humongous mix of chocolate, nutella, chocochips, dark chocolate ice cream toppings in waffles. Its one of their signature dessert and I truely loved it.


Get desserted is definitely go to place for desserts and casual hangouts. It is a whole lot of amazing sweet treats with the most hospitable staff. We’re definitely coming back for more. As we cannot resist from getting desserted. See you there. You can check out its official website from here.

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