Glocal Junction, Worli: All Deets!

What is Glocal Junction?

I used to think what does this word ‘Glocal’ mean but it was not that tough to guess it right as soon as I realized its meaning by googling it right away. On its website, it says that ‘Glocal Junction is the unification of global experiences with surprise elements of local cultures’. So, be its food, ambience, events, interiors, etc all of it personifies global as well as local meanderings.

I had always heard about ‘Glocal Junction’ a lot by my friends and colleagues in Mumbai. I was always curious to visit this place to attend their high energy performance gig night some day and which eventually happened to me one day. Here’s to all the deets about the place and an amazing experience that I had while enjoying the tunes to the ‘Sufi & Bollywood’ songs that the band was playing at Glocal Junction, Worli. It was overwhelming.

Glocal Junction, Worli: What’s in it?

Glocal Junction opened in Andheri Lokhandwala first and also found its way to also open in Worli for SoBo-ites. The restaurant starts as a soothing space as the day begins and converts into a high energy casual night every day. The décor inside huge room of Glocal Junction, Worli at height of 12000 sq. ft. is artistically rustic. It’s built huge to cater to all type of their guests- party animals who wants to drink and dance crazy, artsy guys who wants to enjoy gigs and musical performances and families who wants to wine and dine at their favorite corner.

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Whether you go for corporate or family gatherings for lunch or dinner and maybe party, you will experience different mood and event every time and I’m sure that every time of your visit at this place will be awesome.

Glocal Food

Food is all Glocal. It offers fusion of the global famous cuisines amalgamated with that of our local authentic.

To get to taste the innovative twist, their ‘Bat Pizzas’ are new in their menu; deliciously served in half metre and One metre on Bat trays. I chose my bat as ‘Roasted Bell Pepper, Jalapeno, Bocconcini and Olives’ and ‘Four Cheese- Parmesan, Cheddar, Bocconcini, Mozzarella and Baby spinach’.

More of middle-eastern varieties turned me on to opt for ‘Cornetto’ from ‘Pick on it’ snacks and ‘Chicken Adana Kebab’. These are extremely scrumptious with all that Arabian touch. The harissa and creamy garlic sauce in Chicken Adana tastes exactly like Arabic food. ‘Cornetto’ with each layer of hummus, salsa and grilled mushroom was delight in every bite.

Glocal Cocktails

They have classified cocktails; some classic, some new and some of them classic turned fusion cocktails. ‘Toxic’ was one such a kind that was surprisingly served in a box made with vodka, litchi, and lemon grass.

A perfect marriage of ‘Toxic’- Vodka, litchi, lemon grass & cream alongside

Another vodka based drink known as ‘Thailee’ was obviously a thailee which is a hindi term meaning packet, had a sweet and sour taste.

Vodka in my ‘Thailee’

‘The Glocal Slammer’ and ‘Black Magic’ also has their own wonders to your taste buds. Black Magic made with whiskey and smokey orange looks magical to the eye due to the smoke burst as soon as its top glass is removed.

Black Magic
The Glocal Slammer

The presentation of the cocktails are amazing; you should never miss a chance to slurp on their classified cocktails as it will be beyond delightful.

Glocal Dessert

Though limited, but all the desserts are fusion. It’s exactly the marriage of global with local just like they have, Baked Filter Kapi, Kolkata Pan Cheesecake, etc. For me, Kolkata Paan cheesecake was enough to drool me. The cheesecake rolled within Paan leaf is something that looks Desi and tastes delicious with the flavour of cheesecake wrapped beneath paan leaf.

Glocal worli is one of the best place to visit in SoBo for casual night parties and attend musical gig events. Perhaps, it’s the best place for performance and gig events currently in Mumbai. The outstanding ambience alongside delectable glocal cuisines is the full package to get from here. I must say that it’s the best spot to visit not only on weekends but worth a visit every day.


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