Juno’s Pizza – Pizzas, Oreo Shake And 5 Cheese Garlic Bread

Juno’s is one of the best place to order some really good and greasy pizzas in Mumbai. Juno’s Pizza is known for Vegetarian, delivering vegan and quality gluten-free pizzas across. It is a tiny little pizza place for dine ins, takeaways and of course, they do deliveries of pizzas too. Out of their very brief and one card board size menu, their pizzas are worth trying. Pizzas of spice and cheese varieties are the best. From their very little beverages menu, I really love their Oreo Shake– its thick, crispy and very tasty.

Juno's Pizza
Oreo Shake


Juno’s offer pizzas in thick as well as thin crusts. Mind you, their 1mm thin crust are best in the city. Other best part is that they have Jain pizzas too, hence this one’s a treat for Jain people too.

From the Juno’s I had the following 1/2 pizzas. Fortunately, I had the chance of eating portions of each of their exotic flavours with this option. Here are the details-

Juno's Pizza
Exotica and Paprika Paneer

🍕Exotica- Red & Yellow bell peppers makes it exotic-an. One of my favourites from Juno’s. Exotica came in thin crust and we couldn’t resist to chow down this one as it was served nice hot and warm.

🍕Paprika Paneer- By the name, you assume that it would be pepper – paneer. The wholesome combo of variety of peppers and paneer gave it a sweet and spicy twist. We ordered it in thin crust and will recommend you the same.

🍕Full Smaash- It is completely a full smaash of olives, pepper, onions, capsicum and more.Mind you, this one is a little spicy. The thick crust and crunchier vegetables was a win-win.

Juno's Pizza
Farm House and Full Smaash

🍕Farm house- Herb based veggies like tomato, capsicum, onion. No spice lovers, this one is for you and its very tasty.

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So these pizzas were served in medium sized with 4 pieces each of the above flavours and the pizzas are damn yum to go for from Juno’s of which some are really amazing.

Other than pizzas, they have yummilicious garlic breads as appetisers and pastas. Honestly, their pastas are not so good but yes garlic breads are lip smacking and definitely to go for from the sides.

Juno's Pizza
5 Cheese Garlic Bread

5 Cheese Garlic Bread- No words to define how yummy this was as it contained 5 different cheese, very yummy and cheese pull obviously. Worth trying.

Juno's Pizza
Alfredo Pasta

From the small dessert section that they serve, I had Chocolate lava brownie and I didn’t like it much.

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I would certainly suggest to go for pizzas, oreo shake and 5 cheese garlic bread from Juno’s. They are definitely worth eating many times as you visit this outlet. Not just that, they are light on pocket and stomach, both. So make sure you visit your nearest Juno’s for the ultimate pizza party!!

You can check out more about Juno’s pizza from here.

Well, that is all about my experience, hope that helps you what to eat and have a good pizza eating experience there. Bye 🙂

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