Lemon Leaf and Asian food Delivered, Mumbai

Lemon Leaf- As the name suggest that the place offer cuisines made with lemon leaves. And I recently figured out that lemon leaves are used to prepare some of authentic Asian food. Likewise, this ‘Lemon Leaf’ – a delivery outlet, currently located in Bandra delivers some awesome and delicious Asian food. You name any of the Asian food and Lemon Leaf has it. The best part that it will deliver to your doorstep. So, you need not have to worry about getting dressed or anything all because you are craving to eat any specific Asian but through this outlet, it can all be delivered at your convenience. Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese and more Asian food specialities like Khowsuey, Laksa, Miso bowl, Thukpa, Vietnamese Pho etc to name a few from others can be savoured from this place. Lemon Leaf

It felt so good that I was able to eat different cuisines of Asia from one place itself and that too at my convenience. And it provided me an awesome experience at my home. Lemon leaf has not only delivered delicious Asian food at my home but has also introduced me to several other Asian food items that I had eaten for the very first time. Vietnamese Pho is one such Oriental food that I was having for the first time.

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Vietnamese Pho

A Vietnamese soup consists of broth, rice noodles and few herbs primarily made with beef or chicken is a popular street food in Vietnam. To what I was served from ‘Lemon Leaf’ was in chicken. It will taste delicious if you’ll eat it hot, hence the idea of eating Pho is the same like you slurp on the rest of Chinese soups.

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With all the Asian delicacies spread all along at my home, I had a glass of ‘Lemon Grass Ice Tea’ to slurp on. The taste of lemon grass in the ice tea was absolutely drooling.

Lemon LeafWhat I had in Thai

Bangkok Crispy Chicken – Bangkok style, crispy and fried Chicken sautéed in extreme vegetables tasted exotic. Its taste is unusual and yummy. Still don’t know that what ingredients are used in the preparation of Bangkok style crispy chicken.

Chinese Mains

Spinach and Burnt Garlic Rice with Chicken Holy Basil

Chicken Holy Basil gravy alongwith Burnt Garlic, Spinach Rice was super delicious. One of the best combo that you can try from here if you love to hog over Rice in Chinese mains. I think ‘Burnt Garlic’, which is perfectly steamed and sautéed in burnt garlic goes very well with almost all types of Chinese gravy appetiser.

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Assorted Dimsums

This pack had 4 kinds of assorted dimsums each. These were-

Chicken Coriander

Chicken Gyoza

Prawns Har Gao

Lemon Grass Chicken wrapped in Banana LeafLemon Leaf

These Dimsums were fabulous as I had options of dipping it with my customised sauces.

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Overall, I liked the fact that now I have the place to go for when I eventually need all kinds of Asian cuisine that can be deliverable at my doorstep. So, whether it be a party, a get together, a dinner scene etc., when we ought to crave for any of the Asian food, ‘Lemon Leaf’ has got us all. I really enjoyed my Asian meal at home with Lemon Leaf. Every part of my bite tasted super delicious. Without a doubt, the place is excellent and highly recommended.

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