Oye Kiddan – Lip Smacking Parathas

Oye kiddan parathas are lip smacking just as they deliver some delicious Punjabi meals too. Oye kiddan is all about Punjabi Parathas, Punjabi lassi and Punjabi food. Its a delivery outlet that serves amazing freshly cooked home style North Indian food delivered right at your doorstep. Well, they deliver amazingly hot and delicious parathas of my experience.

About Oye Kiddan-

Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul. For Indians, paratha is one such meal that feed our souls. At Oye Kiddan, their attempt is to restore these with the motive of customer satisfaction and delivering vast range of delicious parathas prepared in hygienic and neat conditions. 

For more details and to order, visit Oye Kiddan’s website here.

Did you say paratha?

Its menu has got huge options in Parathas. Hence, all those who are huge paratha lovers should never miss a chance of ordering parathas from here. I think it’s a great brand to have brunches or heavy breakfasts and enjoy it reliably at homes. Just like I enjoyed my ‘Butter chicken paratha’, ‘Spinach Cheese Corn paratha’ and paratha in sweet that was ‘Nutella paratha’ alongside lassi and Chaas at my home. These were damn yummy and tummilicious.

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Oye Kiddan
Butter Chicken Paratha

Started with my favourite Butter chicken but this time as Butter Chicken paratha. It came with its gravy for the parathas to dip on. And trust me, this whole set was a perfect choice to start with as it turned out to be finger-licking good.

Oye Kiddan
Spinach Cheese Corn Paratha

Spinach Cheese Corn Paratha as the name suggest this paratha is going to be very tummy filling. It is fully smeared in cheese and lots of corns. 

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Oye Kiddan
Mini Nutella Paratha

Mini Nutella Paratha- It is the sweet one or I can say the DESSERT PARATHA. It is no ways mini paratha as you can see its size is as big as the other ones. On the side note, dig into this one while it is nice hot and warm.

I had also ordered for Rajma chawal from their another set of Punjabi meals that includes chole bhature, Makhni dal etc. Check out ‘Oye Kiddan’ on Zomato here.

To sum up, my meal at home was lavish and grand just like a Punjabi homemade feel I got it from here. Are you a Punjabi food lover? 

Oye Kiddan
Rajma Chawal, Lassi & Kheer

Feels like home with this delicious Punjabi food- Rajma Chawal, lassi & Kheer

What else?

Likewise, Kheer was delicious too and above all, it was delivered hot too. I was so overwhelmed with the fact that they are excellent food service providers. The best part is that their parathas start from Rs 75 only; hence these are too reasonable to munch on deliciousness at your home itself.

On the other hand, their packaging is commendable. Firstly, I was bothered that how they’ll deliver the lassi and chaas that I’d ordered but the way these drinks were packaged had blown me away. Lassi and chaas in thick plastic pouch pleased me to sip on with the straw from the package itself. Hence, their packaging is outstanding.

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Food: I really liked their parathas. Food is reasonable according to the price they’ve quoted.

Service: Super quick

Quality: Seeing the delicious food in perfect packaging simply says that they are extra ordinary.

In conclusion, that day was enjoyable as a result, it fulfilled my cravings for lip smacking parathas that were served at my convenience.I would totally give a thumbs up to this love, warmth & parathas that ‘Oye Kiddan’ has showered on me.

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