Pan-Asian Cuisine Experience at And Chillies, Mumbai

And Chillies

And Chillies is a boutique for Asian cuisine lovers. It is located in two locations of Mumbai- one in Mahim and the other in Worli.  I am writing about my personal experience of my visit at And Chillies, Worli. And Chillies, Worli is cozily tucked away on the busy street of Worli near Kamala Mills Compound. This tiny place is a treasure to go for savouring some lip-smacking Asian cuisine.

And Chillies: More Deets

Of having the chance to dine in at And Chillies is the race to win from others in the queue waiting to win the same. But believe me, the wait in the queue is worth to stand for. It has a cosy yet chill ambience that will definitely leave you with an amazing experience of eating here. Its a perfect place when your stomach demands some mouth-watering Asian meals. Their Chinese starters and main course are super delectable.

The staff & hospitality is very impressive that provides prompt service. They are quite attentive and pleasant. The place remains busy all throughout the days. During weekdays, you will find a lot of busy hustlers from their workspace enjoying their quick grub for lunch. In short, its an awesome place to spend time with friends, family or even colleagues.


Its menu is huge comprising of a good variety of soups, Entrees/Appetisers, Rice & Noodles and even Desserts. The main cuisines here are Chinese, Thai, and Korean. The food served is extremely delicious cooked with a major hint of authentic Asian spices. Both the Veg and Non-Veg options are brilliant that includes a plethora of sea-food delicacies too. I would highly recommend to go for their delicious starters as well before main course.

What I Had

Tangy Chilly Soup

Right from the basic Hot and Sour, Sweet Corn soup, Monchow to seafood soups, And chillies should be a hype for an extravagant meal indulgence. They have a variety of soups to offer. Since its name specifies ‘chillies’ in it, I would highly recommend to go for Tangy Chilly Soup, Crab Soup and Hot & Sour Soup that are spicy and super scrumptious.

Tangy Chilly Soup has finely chopped veggies cooked with garlic celery broth, chilly oil & rice vinegar. This soup has the right consistency of veggies & spices. I completely experienced its deliciousness in every spoon.

And Chillies
Tangy Chilly Soup
Shanghai Crispy Wonton

This one took my heart away as it turned out to be super delicious. The wonton dipped into chilly gravy is a perfect combination. The wonton was not crispy but it has a great soft texture all smeared with the delicious Shanghai style gravy. 

And Chillies
Shanghai Crispy Wonton & Chilly Paneer
Chilly Paneer

This was not in the menu but we ordered it since I was accompanied with some paneer lovers for lunch there. But it also turned out to be pretty amazing.

Burnt Chilly Gravy

This gravy is completely Chinese style dark soy sauce that has babycorn, onion & bell peppers. Hence, it is spicy with a little hint of tanginess. You can have it with rice or noodles. Like I had Burnt Chilly gravy with Steamed Garlic Rice and it turned out to be a perfect and lip-smacking combination. It tastes even more yummy when eaten hot. So, gorge it on while it is hot.

And Chillies
Burnt Chilly and Garlic Steamed Rice
Steamed Garlic Rice

Like I said, this garlic steamed rice tasted absolutely fabulous with burnt chilly gravy. The veggies in the rice had some finely chopped carrots, beans, cilantro and garlic. 

Chilly Garlic Noodle

Chilly Garlic Noodle is a noodle gravy with lots of veggies. Its medium chilly and has the perfectly sautéed gravy and veggies. 

And Chillies
Chilly Garlic Noodles

Their dessert ‘Darsaan’ is very famous which is made of fried noodles served with honey & vanilla ice cream on top that altogether gives you a crunchy and sweet delight.


I left the place sated. I think I’ll not get tired of eating from here again and again. The very aroma at the place & spices in every bite will leave you refreshed each time of your visit. I hope the place find its fame very soon as many of Mumbaikars do not know much about this place. And Chillies is a surprise package of wholesome delicious Asian cuisines. Do not get discouraged by the space and race. You can check more about And Chillies from here.

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