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Fresh Food Co. – Fresh Food Delivery

Fresh Food Co. is a hub for fresh food in the sense that they provide fresh salads, smoothies, fresh drinks, brown bread sandwiches etc to meet your healthy lifestyle. The company supplies home deliveries from their outstanding fresh menu varieties all catered to provide best of health and delicious food at the same time. What …

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A Vanilla Bean – Cookies, Cakes, Brownies & More

Got invited by ‘A Vanilla Bean’ at ‘Longchamp Million Race’ at Mahalaxmi Race course for the derby to witness their awesome hospitality that they rendered services to all the guests out there. And through this derby day, I realised how fantastic this brand is. A vanilla bean, offers customised, specialised bakeries and cakes, all done …

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Effortless cooking and easy to cook “Keya Foods” – Product Review

Sometimes we are in the mood of cooking less and effortless cooking must also ensure the best cooked outcome. Indians are obsessed with their very own special spices, herbs and all that finest ingredients that are used in the preparation of Indian food. Hence, the outcome of delicious food from the effortless cooking can be …

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