The Belgian Waffle Co. serve the best waffles in town

The Belgian Waffle Co.

The Belgian Waffle Co serve the best waffles in Mumbai. It’s also spanning across various parts of India and has already got its presence in big cities like Delhi, Bangalore & Pune. With the USP of freshness, reasonable prices and prompt service, this waffle speciality place has managed to attract many foodies from the town. They intend to serve freshly baked waffles to their fellow customers. On the other hand, I’m super glued to their menu additions every year as they’ve never missed a single year of not adding anything new in their menu. Naked Nutella, Chocolate Overload and a lot more of their flavours are super mouth-watering that can’t be resisted.

All the outlets are small, cosy and have limited seating arrangements. Currently, they have opened 26 outlets in the city (as of 2017) and aim to expand more to give an amazing waffle treats throughout.

Such inspiration from the walls
My Favourites:

Following are my personal favourite waffle flavours from The Belgian Waffle Co which I’ve had till now and these are listed as below-

1. Naked Nutella

Naked Nutella is an all-time favourite and the bestselling waffle flavour of this outlet. It is the basic waffle that has Nutella inside which is enough to satisfy the Nutella cravings.

2- Naked Nutella
Naked Nutella
2. Belgian Chocolate

You can assume you are having the melted chocolate in the freshly baked hot waffle that has got sweet chocolate inside. It tastes truly amazing and delicious.

3- Belgian Waffle
Belgian Chocolate
3. Chocolate Overload

It is the overdose of chocolate double in waffles. It is recommended for those who are die hard fan of chocolates. You will have a taste of sweetness and crunchiness in this one. The fresh waffles all smeared with a lot of chocolate is absolutely a heavenly delight.

The Belgian Waffle Co.
Chocolate Overload
4. Red Velvet

It is the basic Red Velvet flavour in waffles. Its creamy and sweet. It is recommended for those who love Red Velvet.

The Belgian Waffle Co.
Red Velvet
5. Dark & White Fantasy

These are dark and white chocolate combination in waffles. This wholesome combination of white and dark chocolate is creamy, sweet, chocolaty and milky in flavour. Topped with a large puff of cream is a heavenly delight in this one. With all this comes their waffle crunchiness which is an added divine.

The Belgian Waffle co.
Dark and White Fantasy

The Belgian Waffle Co. took my heart on my first experience when I visited its store at Carter Road, Bandra in Mumbai. You can check out their website for further details from here. They have continuously been experimenting into many flavours every time to which we can obviously derive from their big board menu. Their flavour additions are mind boggling and heavenly. I intend to explore more of their different flavours which I have not penned down here. Like they have the basic Maple Honey Butter Waffle, Almond Cocoa Waffle etc. They have also introduced Ice-cream Waffwich which is the sandwich of ice-cream and waffles obviously. Likewise, they have a huge more flavours boarded which I’ve not tried yet. Well, how about you? What’s your favourite from The Belgian Waffle Co.? How do you like eating waffles in general? Let me know in the comments down below!

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