The Good Bowl, Mumbai

The good bowl represents the rice meals that is delivered in their plastic bowls. All the rice meals that they offer comes in the following types-

Asian bowl

Fusion bowl

Desi bowl

Pasta bowl

Biryani bowl

At home and you’ re craving for biryanis or asian gravy rice and even some fusion style of desi & continental, you will get it all in rice delivered to your doorstep. The good bowl has got presence in almost all the corners of Mumbai.

My rice meal was sorted and that was undoubtedly yummilicious. I had –

Chicken Mughlai with Flavoured rice & omelette : From Fusion Bowl

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Butter chicken with Flavoured rice : From Desi Bowl

Here’s my review of The Good Bowl, Airoli on @Zomato!

The brand is all specialised in rice meals and I’m sure my brief description from above had somehow given some heads up on it. Its food is delicious, eventually what my experience has been. And lastly, its a delivery outlet, so you can definitely try for a rice meal scene some day from here.

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